Working With Mother Nature

Have you ever heard an experienced landscaper tell you that you should be working with Mother Nature and not against her?


At Green Life Property Service, that’s a part of our philosophy as we find ways to serve customers that are natural and in accordance with the plant world’s organic processes – not futile attempts to micromanage the great outdoors!


Many of our customers are sensitive to the idea that landscaping and outdoor services should be ecological. Here’s some of what we’ve observed as we have progressed in providing our customers with real organic and natural landscaping processes.


The Power of Mowing


Mowing is something that can be done fairly easily, and at relatively little expense to the environment. It doesn’t involve spraying chemicals or trying to fully prevent the growth of various vegetation.


The problem is where you get into areas that you can’t mow. But being creative about mowing does help to set the stage for more natural landscaping processes, and we talk about this in detail as we put together care plans for our customers’ properties.


What You Plant Makes a Difference


Again, working against Mother Nature means taking an open piece of land and making it manicured, where it has the natural tendency to become overgrown. In some cases this is a recipe for disaster, because you’re going to keep struggling in the same ways, exhausting resources and really not conserving natural energy in your landscaping plan.


One example of this is that where you want to inhibit weed growth, you have to have thriving natural plants, not an open expanse of ground. The plant that has reached maturity will in and of itself control weed growth, to an extent, if installation is done right.


The other option is to plant functional plants in areas that would otherwise need to be manicured weekly throughout a temperate season.


Talking to Customers


All of this involves detailed planning. It’s done on a case-by-case basis – there is no cookie-cutter or template for how this works, although there are good common guidelines that we use as an experienced company. But just as important is listening to the customer and his or her outlook on his or her property, because at the end of the day, the property owner decides what approach to take. We help to consult and then we work to implement that plan.


There’s a lot more to say about ecological and natural landscaping and outdoor services. Check out our blog and the rest of the site to see more on what we offer, our rates and packages, etc.