How do you create stunning landscapes with a natural toolkit?


It’s not rocket science but it does take some additional thought and consideration. We’ve been helping people to “detox” their landscaping for years. We know some of the pain points and some of the opportunities that apply, and how to work around challenges that may come up. Here are some of the ways that we engineer natural solutions for client projects:


Natural Lawn Care


Too many landscape companies specialize in dumping buckets of caustic chemicals on your lawn. That’s a way to control outcomes, but it’s not a particularly safe one. 


Here’s an easy alternative to supporting lawn health. Experts understand that keeping grass at an ideal length, (often a bit longer,) allows it to cultivate its own “natural air conditioning” and withstand the hot summer sun. So we always factor this into our plans as one of our natural ways to enhance your property.


Natural Fertilizer


Anybody with even a passing knowledge of agriculture or horticulture understands that fertilizer can be all-natural – in fact, should be all-natural. It’s part of the natural earth cycle for waste to break down and become fertilizer. With that in mind, there should never have to be external chemicals in fertilizer, but unfortunately, some pretty shoddy science has produced some pretty harmful products. We keep these out of our warehouse, as a service to our customers, and ourselves. In landscaping, as in agriculture, it’s important to look at the science, and then use your critical thinking to be safe. 


Herbicides and Pesticides


When it comes to avoiding harsh and possibly carcinogenic herbicides and pesticides, that requires a bit of thinking outside the box. In some cases, you can get pretty far with a mixture of vinegar and other natural substances. If there’s an area that you don’t want to plant in, you can use rock salt instead of chemical weed killer.


The bottom line is that you can talk to us about a custom solution for your property that will work. You don’t have to rely on high-powered kind of chemicals that can be harmful to you, your kids, your pets and the environment, let alone the people who are applying them.


For much more on how this works, start a conversation with Green Life Property Service, a shop that has lots of practical experience making landscaping work. Working smarter, not harder, definitely applies in this field! We’ll help you to put together a long term plan that works – for you.