Pretty soon, the colder weather or winter will leave and the warmer temperatures of spring will arrive. With this warmer weather comes blooming flowers and growing grass. American homeowners spend over $90 billion a year on landscaping. Most property owners realize that a well-landscaped lawn is a great way to add curb appeal. 

As the ice of winter starts to thaw, you will need to provide your lawn with some much-needed maintenance. Getting professional help is a great way to make this process easier and more successful. Here are some things you can do to prepare your home’s lawn for spring. 

Fertilizing Your Lawn is Important

Providing your grass with the right nutrients is essential when trying to keep it green and healthy. One of the best ways to provide a blast of great nutrients is by fertilizing your lawn. Over the winter months, your grass will lose a number of vital nutrients. Failing to replenish them in the spring can result in brown patches taking over. Ideally, you need to wait until April to apply this fertilizer. 

However, the type of grass that you have will dictate when it needs to be fertilized. Once you apply this fertilizer, you need to wait around eight weeks and apply it again. If you don’t have the time or tools needed to perform this essential lawn maintenance, hiring professionals is crucial. The team at Green Life Property Services will have no problem helping you restore the appeal your lawn has lost over the long winter. 

Trim Back Bushes, Trees and Plants

Elements like trees and bushes are essential to a successful and appealing landscaping design. As these elements start to thaw out and grow, you might start to notice they are growing too close to your home. Ideally, you want a two-foot distance between these landscaping elements and your home. Allowing these trees and bushes to grow too close to your home is a recipe for disaster. Usually, pest and moisture problems will start to surface if these landscaping elements are too close to your home. 

Trimming these parts of your landscaping design is also a great way to keep burglars at bay. If the shrubs or trees around your home are too high, thieves can use them to hide. Pruning and trimming your trees also promotes healthy growth. 

Aerating Your Lawn is a Good Idea

If your lawn gets a lot of foot traffic, soil compaction can become a real problem. This is why you need to consider having your lawn aerated once every few years. If you start to notice the development of moss, then chances are your soil is compacted. The appearance of moss also indicates high soil acidity. Allowing professionals to inspect your lawn will help you figure out whether or not aeration is a good idea. 

Need Help Maintaining Your Lawn? 

If you are having a hard time keeping your lawn looking good, then you need to hire the team at Green Life Property Services.