Drought is upon us!

The next couples of weeks watch our for drought and  please make sure to water your lawn. When temperatures raise to the high 90’s it important you apply water. With high temperatures and low rain fall your lawn will be under stress. To help aid with lawn drought water your lawn in the mornings. Your lawn only needs ¼”- ½” of water each session. This will be enough water to reach the deep roots in your lawn. The deepest roots in a lawn typically lay 6 inches deep. If you don’t have an irrigation system, other watering devices will still work. There are several different kinds of sprinklers you can get. Most sprinklers will work but may require you to move them. If you have to move your sprinkler, do so every 30 minutes. Moving your sprinkler every 30 minutes makes sure all of your lawn gets adequate water. Set a timer on your phone or watch for 30 minutes. When the timer goes off, move your sprinkler to another part of the lawn. Just repeat this until all of your turf areas have water.

Signs of stress:

If you don’t date care of sign of drought, it may kill your lawn. Some grass varieties are more tolerant than others but they all need water. Some signs of drought are blue-ish/gray color grass blades. This will happen before the lawn turn brown. Once the grass blades change colors, it’s a good ideas to water your lawn. If the lawn continues to suffer drought stress it will turn brown. Once the yard is brown, its not dead just yet. The brown grass blades need to be watered immediately. If your lawn stays this color for too long it will eventually die off. Some other signs of drought are footprints in your lawn. If there are footprints left after someone walks though the grass its showing signs of drought. Grass blades will typically stand right up after being stepped on. In drought conditions however the grass blades will remain bent or broken. This is a another sign that your lawn is in need of water. Please pay attention to your lawn and it’s watering needs! We hope these simple tips help! If you need any help from a local professional, feel free to give us a call!