There’s a big myth out there that you can’t have a landscaping and lawn care service that can keep your lawn well-manicured and attractive while preserving the environment. The plain fact is that you can do both. Green Life Property Services works in the local area to improve properties in both their horticultural integrity and their order and organization. This is something that is abundantly possible when you take the time to set up your crews the right way and invest in the tools that will make the difference.

Pest and Disease Control

One of the biggest issues in today’s scientific world is whether caustic chemicals are wreaking havoc on the environment, both in the pesticides and the herbicides that are used in “conventional” horticulture and agriculture. You don’t have to look any further than the enormous glyphosate argument among farmers and others, who argue about whether the active ingredient in Bayer’s RoundUp and other products is carcinogenic or not. Some world organizations have suggested that it is. Others have said (mostly in the U.S.) that glyphosate is harmless at appropriate levels; however, we’ve seen tests reveal that appropriate levels aren’t always followed in applications, and that can be a big problem. Then you have this debate at the street level where individual properties get sprayed with glyphosate, and people feel it’s unsafe for animals and children. We dedicate ourselves to avoiding these types of chemicals to keep your lawn safe and sanitary without opening the can of worms around public health and safety that is sadly so often part of what happens in our industry.

Green Equipment

Another thing that ecologists hate is old-school leaf blowers, weed whackers and lawnmowers belching out noxious fumes and sooty emissions around the property. Our state-of-the-art electrical equipment is 75% quieter than the average lawn care toolkit and reliant on energy-efficient design and engineering. We bring the best equipment technology and talent to your property, in order to help you benefit from a winning lawn care and landscaping plan. By customizing our services to the customer’s needs, we provide that effective result with a greener approach. Ask us about our FNGLA certified professional horticulture credential and how we can help you to optimize your property in ways that won’t compromise a green approach to the earth. We are excited about this kind of work, and it shows! We’ll help you to put together a service package that’s right for your lawn.