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By Paul Hope April 06, 2017 Your Yard: lawn mowers Up to ¼ Acre Best Choice: Electric Push Lawn Mower Smaller yards are best for electric push mowers, because you can cover the area on a single battery charge. This size lawn is typical of newly built homes, tightly knit suburbs, and urban row houses.

Your Route to a Healthy Lawn Best Management Practices (BMPs) are techniques you can use to get the healthiest lawn possible. Following BMPs can save you time and money. They also help to reduce nonpoint source pollution, which is when excess or misapplied fertilizer enters water bodies, causing unhealthy algae growth and contaminating our water

How has your lawn been so far this winter? Have you taken the proper precautions to help your lawn survive the cooler temperatures? If done correctly, your lawn will come back lush and green this upcoming Spring. Right now if you’re like everyone else, your lawn will look “dead” or brown.  This doesn’t mean your

As the warm Jacksonville summers go away, the cooler winter temperature roll in.There’s a lot going on during the winter holiday season, so a few quick lawn care tips to help you  care for your lawn. Although the lawn grows less in the cooler Jacksonville temperatures, it still requires attention to help ensure your lawn comes back