A healthy lawn requires water to thrive, but too much water can cause damage to your grass. If you have ever walked on a soggy lawn after a soaking rain, then you can tell how unhealthy it is for standing water not to drain correctly. Poor drainage can be one of the biggest problems facing property owners, especially in areas that tend to receive heavy seasonal rainfall.

Issues With Poor Drainage

Poor drainage leaves lawns watersoaked, preventing proper amounts of oxygen from reaching the roots of the grass. Lawns need oxygen to grow healthy and robust, and wet roots can lead to fungus, disease, low growth, and even death. When it comes to making sure your lawn is healthy and thriving, drainage is a top consideration.

Drainage protects all of your foliage from excessive pooling water. Trees, shrubs, landscape, and sod are all negatively affected by long periods of being wet. Draining systems keep the water moving out of your yard and away from the roots of your plants.

Methods Of Drainage Systems

Different yards can require different types of drainage systems, with methods varying from property grading, natural draining, and even adding a network of pipes to direct water flow. Water can be diverted to areas where it can be less destructive like storm drains or holding ponds, or other appropriate spaces.

Directing The Flow

As water is drained from your lawn through a well-thought-out drainage system, you can ensure that your property remains lush, green, and healthy for many years. Proper drainage not only removes excess water but also allows for just the right amount of moisture levels your property needs. When soil moisture levels are optimum, your grass receives the water, nutrients, and oxygen required to grow. Balanced moisture levels also increase the supply of nitrogen, which helps all of your plants thrive.

Soil Erosion

Aside from causing disease and rot of your lawn, poor drainage can also uproot your trees and shrubs. During heavy rain and storms, plants and trees can be damaged and uprooted in the wind due to water-soaked soil. Roots in wet soil for long periods can quickly lose their grip in high winds and rain. This can lead to trees toppling and causing property damage or being carried away in a flood, uneven terrains, unhealthy laws, and other significant issues with trees and shrubs.

Expert Lawn Care

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