How has your lawn been so far this winter? Have you taken the proper precautions to help your lawn survive the cooler temperatures? If done correctly, your lawn will come back lush and green this upcoming Spring. Right now if you’re like everyone else, your lawn will look “dead” or brown.  This doesn’t mean your lawn is actually dead though, the life of your lawn is below the surface. The soil and roots contain the life of your lawn. There is a vast microbe world under your lawn than you cannot see. This is the life and health of your lawn. Although it may look brown or dead, underneath is a thriving community that most of us never think about. This is why its important that you continue to water your lawn even during the off season. The microbe world that you cannot see, still needs water in order to survive the winter and other fertilizers before winter hits. Using the proper fertilizing technique before winter will give your lawn the resources it needs during the dormant season. Consider this part of the year as hibernation for your lawn. You want to stock up with food before winter so it can make food sources last when it  isn’t as available. Luckily we’re here to help guide you and answer any of your winter lawn care questions or concerns. We partner with several other business to help make sure your lawn is cared for  properly. If we can’t answer a question you have, we’ll find you the place that can! Our number one properly is to make sure you lawn is cared for in an environmentally safe way.

Check out this link. Get helpful tips on how to take care of your lawn during the winter season