As the warm Jacksonville summers go away, the cooler winter temperature roll in. There’s a lot going on during the winter holiday season, so a few quick lawn care tips to help you care for your lawn. Although the lawn grows less in the cooler Jacksonville temperatures, it still requires attention to help ensure your lawn comes back healthy in the spring.

  1. Don’t stop watering your lawn. Just because the grass isn’t growing as much, doesn’t mean that the soil slows down. They’re thousands of living microbes within your soil that need food and water all year long. Starving them of water during the wintertime will cause them to die and result in an unhealthy lawn. This leaves your yard vulnerable to getting more weeds and dying off. Make sure you continue watering your lawn even during the winter to help hydrate the microbes within the soil.
  2. Make sure you keep leaves off of the turf areas. Having more than 20% of your lawn covered in leaves can smother it. This prevents the lawn from getting proper sunlight and water during the off-season. Too many leaves will increase the likelihood of fungi developing. Other diseases and changes in pH can be detrimental.
  3. Don’t skip mowing your lawn during the winter season. As the lawn may not need mowing as often in comparison to the growing season, it still needs service. Cutting the lawn, even if it’s not much, will help promote the grass to grow. Whenever your lawn is mowed, it will release growth hormones. These growth hormones help promote the grass to grow.

We hope the 3 quick and easy lawn care tips help you care for your lawn this winter! For more information on how to care for your lawn, give us a call and we’ll be happy to help, Click to Contact us